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We Have 3 Initiatives All Designed To Get You Exposure

Join Us On BE3

We want agents to join us on our various BE3 content videos. Bring in your expertise. You can join us on a Marketing Monday, Tactical Tuesday, Podcast or Case Study. If you want to join us or have a cool story to tell on camera, click the button below and submit it. We will then schedule a time to have you join us. 

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The Brand Me Program

The Brand Me initiative is where we will do most of the heavy lifting to brand you as the agent. We have divided our market up in to small geo-targeted circles and will be selecting up to 4 agents per circle. You will shoot the content, we will do everything else including covering the ad spend. If you want to be considered, click below.

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Adfenix- Listing Program

Adfenix is a new partner of ours. Using AI technology and an advanced algorithm, they will automatically run FB and IG ads for your listings and open houses. You control the ad spend, they will do everything else. They use their advanced data to create hyper targeted ads to prospective buyers.

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