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Finally, A NO B.S training 100% focused on Top Agents.

You're a top agent. That deserves a huge congrats. But there is always room to go to the next level. The problem is, most training's are focused on the basics. With the average agent doing 3 deals a year, the focus is not on those doing 12+. However, even at your level you're vulnerable. You have past clients and have likely built some amazing relationships. But the world has evolved into a "right now" society. You need to be constantly communicating to your sphere and past clients and engaging with them in meaningful ways. That takes time, and you're busy. But we will show you effective and efficient ways to do this to help you keep your clients locked in and to help grow your business even more.

3 Core Areas Of Focus


If you're not talking and communicating to your sphere and past clients, someone else is. We will show you methods to keep in constant communication and be top of mind. You're now in brand building mode. This takes consistency, patience and execution and we will show you exactly how to do it. 


At this stage in your business you have tend to have more money than time. We will go into detail on platforms and technology that you can leverage to help build your brand and stay top of mind. From follow up, to communication and story telling, we will introduce you to tools and technology that you need to continue to level up your business.


As a top agent, you are busy. But that doesn't mean your business can't evolve. What if you could go from 15 deals to 30? Or 30-60. This often comes down to mindset, planning, and an evolution of your experiences and skill set. In this training we will hit on all of these topics to help you realize, the sky is the limit. So you don't need to set one.


Mindset is important. While we hope that you leave the last day feeling inspired and driven, that is not what we mean by mindset. Our focus on mindset is truly understanding your "why". Once you truly understand why you are doing this, we can build a framework to help you achieve it. We believe heavily in self-awareness and this class will help with yours.


We will go through some basic and advanced sales training strategy as well as how pricing and even the contract can be used as a strategic tool. In fact, we will teach out about our strategic pricing analysis. We will also discuss specific proven strategies around lead generation, follow up, and how to attach niches like FSBO's, & expired's.


Our Chief Marketing Office does an entire section of the class around how to use social media to drive and grow your real estate business. He will show you how to prospect and grow your tribe using free methods as well as how to build highly targeted paid ads for very little cost. He will even show you how to use video and FB to digitally farm, and build your personal brand.

Who are we?

We are BE3 powered by C21 Beggins. A leading real estate brokerage focused on agent education and development.

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