It's a unique market right now, but we will help you navigate it.  This 2 hour virtual class will help.- 3/23/20

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10 am-12 pm

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What This Next Level U-Fundamental Is All About:

As a Novice agent you have done 0-4 transactions in the last 12 months. Now you are facing an extremely unique and changing market. Navigating it takes experience. While you may not have a ton of real estate experience yet, we do. In this two hour virtual class we will go through exactly what you need to be doing to be successful in this current market. We are not worried about next year or even next quarter. We want to help you navigate RIGHT NOW. That is what this day is all about.

3 Core Areas Of Focus

The Lanes

There are to many ways to make money in the real estate business. But now more than ever, you need to narrow your focus and learn how to execute in one lane in this current market. 


If we can get you to leave this class driving in one lane, we have done our job. In the current landscape,  it's all about communication. We're going to help you pick a lane and communicate.


Once we identify the lane we are going to drive in, we need to be able to take action. What you say and how you say it matters more now than ever before. We will help you with this in this 2 hour class.


Mindset is important. While we hope that you leave the last day feeling inspired and driven, that is not what we mean by mindset. Our focus on mindset is truly understanding your "why". Once you truly understand why you are doing this, we can build a framework to help you achieve it. We believe heavily in self-awareness and this class will help with yours.


We will go through some basic and advanced sales training strategy as well as how pricing and even the contract can be used as a strategic tool. In fact, we will teach out about our strategic pricing analysis. We will also discuss specific proven strategies around lead generation, follow up, and how to attach niches like FSBO's, & expired's.


Our Chief Marketing Office does an entire section of the class around how to use social media to drive and grow your real estate business. He will show you how to prospect and grow your tribe using free methods as well as how to build highly targeted paid ads for very little cost. He will even show you how to use video and FB to digitally farm, and build your personal brand.

Finally, a training dedicated to YOU.

If you were learning to play baseball for the first time, you would never want to start with drills the MLB players are doing. Even in the corporate world, A Startup is operationally different than a Fortune 100 company. Worse, is if a startup tried to operate like a fortune 100 company from the beginning, they would likely go out of business. The same exact thing holds true for the real estate business. However, most brokers, trainers and coaches tend to teach and train one way. Why? Because it's easier and it's what they know. We decided to change that. We now train agents differently based on where their business is at currently. Join us for Next Level U- Fundamental where everything we teach is 100% focused on how to help you as a newer agent who has performed 0-4 deals in the last year.


Who are we?

We are BE3 powered by C21 Beggins. A leading real estate brokerage focused on agent education and development.

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